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25 Travel Experiences
Every Child Should Have

lions in south africa

  • Go on Safari. A great way for kids to learn about the circle of life (instead of from the Lion King movie!). Children soak up animal facts like grape juice on a white carpet. What better way to learn about these magnificent beasts then on safari! Read more here!

  • A walk along the Great Wall of China is an excellent way for kids to appreciate the ancient Chinese History. Climbing up and down the steps to the guard towers and peeping through the lookout windows is always fun for kids! Your family can even sleep out under the stars on a section of the Great Wall with a local tour company.  Learn more about visiting China with kids!

  • Riding a camel in the desert. Children love animals, and what better way to learn about these handsome creatures, than to ride atop a colorfully decorated dromadery with the sand dunes as a backdrop.   The perfect place to do this is on a family holiday in Egypt

  • Volunteer while abroad. This is an excellent way for kids to learn the importance of helping others. Whether you are donating supplies to a school in India, teaching English to school kids in Vietnam or helping build homes in Haiti, you will be helping those in need and enriching your family travel experiences.

  • Play in the snow. Skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or building a snowman are some of the fun things to do with that white fluffy stuff. For those of you lucky enough to live in tropical climates-you've got to let the kids experience this! I am happy to donate all of my snow to you all! Read more!

fruits at the market

  • Visit a fruit market abroad. There are many sweet and juicy fruits found around the world, that are not readily available at your local supermarket. Stop by a fruit stall with the kids and sample some of the exotic fruits! Who knew all these wonderful fruits existed?

  • A visit to the Louvre in Paris is a great way to inspire a love of the arts in your children. The world famous Mona Lisa, ancient Egyptian artifacts and the Venus de Milo are great inspirations for children to create their own masterpieces. Don't forget to pack some water paints, sketch books and molding clay for the kids to use back at the hotel!

  • Learning to bargain with the vendors at one of the bustling markets around the world is an important life skill! Learning the art of negotiation is a practical skill that can be applied to many aspects of life. Help your kids negotiate for a souvenir to learn the give and take required to make the purchase.

  • Make a new friend! Travelling is an exciting experience for everyone. Finding a new friend from the culture you are visiting is the best way for kids to learn about the interesting cultural differences around the world!

  • Take a cooking class abroad. This is a great activity for picky eaters! Kids are more willing to try new foods when they have a hand in helping create it! Sign up for a fun class where you can explore the markets for fresh produce and then learn how to cook the local cuisine. Afterwards your little chefs can enjoy the feast they have created!

pyramids in Egypt

  • A visit to Egpyt. Exploring the insides of a pyramid and checking out the toys of the boy Pharaoh, King Tut is a fascinating glimpse into ancient life in Egypt for kids. The stories will fire up the imagination of your child!

  • Learn to convert currency. Assign your children the task of converting the prices on your trip into your currency. How much is a bag of fried grasshoppers in Bangkok or a stick full of wriggling scorpions in Shanghai? Suddenly math is fun!

  • Tour a rainforest. It is one of the world's best treasure hunts. You never know what you might encounter. Search for bluejean frogs, howler monkeys, termite nests and strangler trees! Get a good guide, it is amazing the things they can spot, or trust me you will just be looking at a bunch of trees!!!  Costa Rica is the ultimate eco destinations for families!

  • Rappel down a cliff. This is a great way to conquer fears and learn to take a leap in life! Although I do admit on a recent trip to Costa Rica, my 9 year old daughter volunteered to go first on a rappel down a cliff while all the adults looked like they were ready to pee their pants! So maybe its also a great way to help the parents conquer fears!

  • Swim in the ocean. There is nothing better then the sun shining, a little saltwater in the mouth and sand in the bathing suits! All kids should get to build sandcastles, splash in the crystal clear waters and watch a mesmerizing sunset! Don]t forget your biodegradable sunscreen!

underwater life

  • Snorkeling. Who knew there was such a colorful fascinating underwater life! There is nothing more exciting for a kid than to spot a real life Nemo!

  • Disneyland. They see it on tv, dream about it and possibly have their entire bedroom decorated in a disney theme! It is good family fun, though I prefer a visit to Disneyland in Paris, Hong Kong or Tokyo with a little culture mixed in! Read more about Disneyland : Florida; ParisHong Kong; or Tokyo

  • A 15 hour long haul flight. If your kids can survive a 15-hour flight in cramped seating, they can learn the ancient virtue of patience! Download a Fly it Quiet pack to help pass the time!

  • The Shanghai Science & Technology Museum is one of the best we've encountered. It is a great place to inspire the kids to develop a love of science and technology. It is highly interactive-kids can play archery with a robot, have a robot draw a picture of them or watch a 4D movie.

  • Whale watching. Mexico is a great place to watch the whales as they migrate to the warmer waters each year. There are some excellent tours by marine biologists who can really educate the kids on these mammals. It is thrilling watching the whales leap out of the water!

abudhabi mosque

  • Visit a mosque, a church and a temple. Exploring the religious practices of the citizens of the world will open your children's eyes and minds to the similarities and differences between us. Learning about them will help your kids develop an open mind to different cultures and ideas. Penang is one of the few places you can find all three on one street!

  • Learning a new language is a great experience for kids. Even if it's just the basics such as Hello, Goodbye, Please and Thank you. This will help teach your kids the importance of manners in different cultures and boost the interactions you have with the locals!

  • Hang out at a Kids Club! Dropping the kids off for a few hours at the resort's kids club will allow them to meet new friends from around the world. They also often have cultural activities that children can participate in. Meanwhile, Mom & Dad can get refreshed with a daiquiri at the swim up bar!

  • Visit the Taj Mahal. This Wonder of the World is an architectural masterpiece where children can learn about the wonderful love story. Learn more about visiting India with kids!

  • Plan a trip. This is a great activity for teenagers. They can research the best things to do, find the perfect hotel and get you a deal on airfare! Have them create an itinerary with a mix of family-friendly activities. Younger children can be assigned a day of the trip to plan!

What did we miss from the list? Share them in the comments below!

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