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Top 10 Things to Do in Panama City with Kids

2017 Family Guide to Panama (the Country!)

If you are looking for the coolest things to do in Panama with kids, look no further! There are many things for families to see and do in Panama including the breathtaking natural surroundings, museums, parks and shopping malls. Here is a selection of great things for families to see and do in Panama.

Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in Panama City, Panama

1. Amador Causeway (Calzada de Amador) and BioMuseo

Walk, drive or bike over the 3.5km causeway, a highway built on rock excavated during the making of the Panama Canal. The causeway connects the mainland to four small islands and holds a shopping center, restaurants, hotels and a convention center as well as several interesting attractions. One of the most fascinating is the BioMusio housed in a weird looking building designed by Frank Gehry. There are eight galleries focused on the biodiversity of Panama as well as a biodiversity park. Exhibits include the building of the causeway, insects, animals, plants and the human role in the ecosystem. Get the details here!

Panama Canal Boat Trip

2. Panama Canal Boat Trip

Take a day trip on the Panama Canal which connects the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Boat tours and cruises on the canal are offered by several companies; there are day trips and longer cruises. Read more about panama canal tours or panama canal.

3. Metropolitan National Park

You can take a guided tour to this amazing park or visit independently to follow the many well marked paths which go through the lush tropical forests. Start at the Visitor Center where you can pick up a map for the 232 hectare park. The park is home to local wildlife and there are two famous look-out points – Los Caobos and Cerro Cedro. Read more here.

4. Explora Panama

This is a fun, hands-on center for science and art. There are sections dedicated to technology, communication, energy, aviation, DNA, oral hygiene and the human body. All the exhibits are experienced through play, exploration and games. There are workshops in each of the themed rooms to spark creativity and imagination. Get the details here!

5. Miraflores Locks Visitor Center

This is one of three locks on the Panama Canal making it possible to lift vessels as water is raised and transit them to the Pacific Ocean or Balboa. From the Visitor Center you have a perfect view of the locks from the Observation Terrace and can see exhibits, 3D displays and a multi-media presentation about the canal. Read more here.

6. Summit Botanical Gardens and Zoo

The gardens hold about 4,000 plants with paths meandering through the vegetation.  There is an arboretum and a zoo which acts as a rescue center. The animals housed here include domestic and wild animals which are unable to return to the wild. There is an enclosure for the endangered harpy eagles. Families can find eateries and a playground in the park. Get the details here!

7. Monkey Island from Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Take a 1.2km aerial tram ride above the gorgeous rainforest to the observation tower and see monkeys and exotic birds. Take a cruise on Gatun Lake and go on a bird watching excursion. You can even go on a kayak excursion on the Chagres River or take a night safari all from this resort surrounded by rainforest. Read more here.

More Things to do in Panama!

Punta Culebra Nature Center

8. Punta Culebra Nature Center

Discover Panama's geological, military and natural history and learn about the marine life and land animals of the country. The attraction is set among the remains of old World War I bunkers which have been converted to house exhibitions. Follow the trails through tropical dry forests, go along the rocky shore, see mangrove forests, beaches, a sea life exhibition, a touch-pool and tanks of sharks, turtles and fish. Get the details here!

9. Panama Canal Museum

At this museum you can learn about the history and workings of the Panama Canal. See authentic artifacts and documents, enjoy recreated historic scenes, photographs and video presentations. Read more here.

10. Panama Canal Railway Company

Take a ride on this refurbished historic train which takes one of the greatest train routes in the world through scenic landscape. The line runs parallel to the Panama Canal and goes through rainforests, passed locks, rivers and through the Galillard Cut.  The journey takes an hour each way and trains run Monday to Friday leaving Panama early in the morning and returning from Colon in the late afternoon. Get the details here!

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