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Unlock the Wonders of Tokyo with Kids: A 2024 Family Travel Extravaganza!

Embark on a Journey Beyond Tradition: Family-Friendly Delights in Tokyo

girls in kimonos in japan

A visit to Tokyo with kids is full of fascinating and often quirky things to do from beaches to temples and lots more! Tokyo, Japan is an ultra-modern city mixed with remnants of the old.

The subway is an easy and economical way to get around Tokyo with kids. However, keep in mind if you are traveling to Tokyo with a baby or toddler the subway stations are not stroller friendly.  There are lots of stairs and elevators to navigate. A baby backpack carrier or lightweight umbrella stroller will be the best option.

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Tokyo, Japan is a crowded and chaotic cityBe sure to plan some down time with the kids. Sightsee in the morning and relax for a bit in the afternoon.  Head to a local park and let the kids meet some new friends.

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25 Top Things To Do In Tokyo With Kids

monkeys in tokyo park

  • Monkey Park is located about one hour outside of Tokyo in the countryside by Mt Takao. The monkeys roam freely and are lots of fun to watch. There is also a wonderful garden with flowers and plants to stroll through. Take the chair lift or cable car up the mountain and go for a hike on one of the trails with the kids.

  • The National Museum of Science and Nature is one of the best Tokyo attractions to enjoy with the kids on a rainy day. Check out the dinosaur, animal and space exhibits. Be sure to visit Theater360 where you stand on a bridge in a sphere and watch a movie in 3D, this creates a floating sensation. Located in Ueno Park.

  • If you only visit one temple in Tokyo then make it the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa You will feel like you are stepping back in time in this older part of town. The kids will enjoy the street leading up to this beautiful shrine as it is lined with souvenir shops and eateries offering interesting snacks. If you visit at 6pm you can hear the bells ringing. This is Tokyo's oldest temple. This is a great way to experience the culture in Tokyo with kids. Here is a great tour you can take to see the temples!

  • Yoyogi Park is the place to head to on Sundays especially if you are visiting with teenagers. There is lots to see at this park from people practicing tai chi, dancing and sword fighting. Check out the locals dressed from the 50's with slick back hair and poodle skirts. Great people watching here. Exit at Harajuku station.

  • Ueno Zoo is another one of the interesting Toyko attractions for kids. There is a large selection of animals from around the world and several native Japanese animals such as macaques, black bears and cranes. There is a children's petting zoo and a beautiful pagoda on site. Your kids will love seeing Xian Nu and Bi Li, the two Giant Pandas! Located in Ueno Park.

Tokyo Disneyland balloons
  • Don't miss out on a visit to Tokyo Disneyland with your family. The kids will have a blast on the rides including Space Mountain, Dumbo the flying elephant and Pirates of The Caribbean rides. Meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse and watch the parade! This resort is great for children below 12.

  • A visit to Tokyo Disneysea is a great option for families traveling with older kids and teenagers (although there is a great children's section for the younger ones). This nautical themed resort features gondola rides, 3D movies, roller coasters and the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride. It's also fun for the parents! Get your tickets here at a discount!

  • One of the best things to do in Tokyo with kids is to visit Ghibli Museum. This is a wonderful imaginative place where your children can learn about the process of animation.They will love playing on the big fluffy cat bus, seeing the robot soldier on the garden roof, and watching the short animation films in the theater. Tickets must be purchased in advance and are for a specific date and time.

Tokyo beach
  • Spend the day at Tokyo beach. Yes there is a beach in the middle of all these buildings. It feels like quite an escape after a few days of being mesmerized by the sights and sounds of Tokyo city!

  • Head to Odaiba for the day and enjoy the fascinating sites on this man-made island. The kids will enjoy a visit to the uniquely designed Fuji TV building where you can head to the observation deck for great views. Hit the arcades and try out the latest and greatest in electronic games.

  • Visit the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation where the kids can enjoy the interactive exhibits, including robots! Or visit the hot springs and bathe in the water pumped from deep in the ground. There are also various public parks and beaches (no swimming) to enjoy. You can even rent a dog and take him for a walk or hang out in a cat playpen and pet the kitties.

  • One of the best free Tokyo attractions for kids is The Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall. This 6 story building is filled with fun things to do such as arts and crafts including origami, indoor playgrounds, theaters and more. Don't miss the rooftop playground or the music floor where the kids can try out different instruments. This is a great spot for kids under 10.
Tsukiji Fish Marke
  • If you can drag the kids out of bed early enough then head to Tsukiji Fish Market to see the excitement of the live auction of fish at this huge market. You need to be there at 4:30 am and there is limited tickets sold. Or head there later in the day for some of the freshest sushi in the world. There is no smell but the floors can get quite dirty so wear old shoes. One of the interesting things to do in Tokyo with kids. Get your tour tickets here!

  • Tokyo Sea Life Aquarium is another one of the fun things to do in Tokyo with kids. Your toddlers and small children will love the colorful fish, sharks, sea horses and penguins. This Tokyo attraction is located in Kasai Rinkai Park which has a beach and Ferris wheel.

  • Your kids will love Kidzania. This is a mini city just for kids, complete with a pizza shop, tv station, bank and hospital. Your children will get to try different jobs such as reading the news, making pizza, or navigate an airplane. After they earn their pay in play money they can open a bank account and receive their own card that they can use to purchase Kidzania products. This is open to kids age 3-15 and a parent must remain with them. There are various time slots. This Tokyo attraction caters mainly to Japanese children, however most activities can be done with no knowledge of Japanese.

hello kitty display
  • If you have any Hello Kitty fans then head to Puroland amusement park. Go for a boat ride with Kitty, dine at Cinnamon Dream Cafe and watch the show! If you are visiting with babies or toddlers keep in mind strollers are not permitted as there are lots of stairs and elevators. This place is best for young children.

  • Head to Namja Town for lunch. Your children will love the delicious gyoza (dumplings) and a visit to Ice Cream City where you can try interesting ice cream flavors from around the world. Curry, sushi, or garlic flavored ice cream anyone? Don't worry there are also many fruit, chocolate or green tea flavored ice cream as well. This is an indoor amusement park with some ghostly themed rides for the kids. One of the unique Tokyo attractions for kids. Located in Sunshine Mall.

sumo match in Toky
  • If the timing is right you can go see a Sumo Match with the kids. If there is a tournament going on they last all day so you might just want to head there in the afternoon to see the final matches of the day. Kids are welcome.

  • Stop by the kite museum and check out the colorful display of this traditional Japanese art form. Your children will enjoy seeing the various designs and you can bring one home from the souvenir shop!

  • Head to one of the fashion capitals of the world, Harajuku with your children, and check out the interesting street fashion and various costumes worn by the young people who gather on Sundays. Your teenagers will love this place. There are many street entertainers and great shopping.

  • Tokyo Dome is another one of the fun things to do in Tokyo with kids. Ride the roller coaster through the center less Ferris wheel, play virtual sports, and watch the synchronized lights and water show. There are also several restaurants, a 4D ride and bowling here.

Akihabara Electric City Tokyo
  • Teenagers and children will love Akihabara where you can get every gadget under the sun. This area is chock full of electronics stores offering the latest and greatest in technology. There is also loads of toy stores offering anime characters and other figurines.

  • Visit Hakuhinkan Toy Park with your children and you will find something for everyone! Babies will love the stuffed toys, toddlers will be impressed with all the toy cars.Children will enjoy the huge toy racetrack and your teenagers will love all the latest video games and gadgets. You can even purchase toys from the well stocked vending machines here. A great place to visit when in Tokyo with kids.

  • The kids will find plenty of interesting artifacts at the Tokyo National Museum. See beautiful Kabuki costumes, colorful paintings and Japanese sculptures and pottery.

  • One of the best things to do in Tokyo with kids is to go to the Fukagawa Edo Museum where your family can experience a 19th-century Japanese town. The town is complete with homes, fish market, fire tower, and vegetable stores. The kids will get a kick out of the sound effects and watching the town transform from morning to night, as well as through the various seasons.

  • Another fun thing to do in Tokyo with kids is to head to Tokyo Tower. Your family can ride the escalators to the observation deck to see great views or if you are feeling energetic your can climb the 600 stairs.

  • There is also a Guinness Book Of World Records Museum, a wax museum and a Trick Art Gallery where you can see interactive optical illusion art. There is even a small amusement park with kiddie rides.

  • Visit the Robot Show and Restaurant! Get your tickets here! Your kids will love this 90 minute Robot show! Shows are held four times an evening and must be booked!
    Robots, ninjas and samurai do special performances,along with laser lights and sounds. This is a must-do in Tokyo with your kids!

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