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Planning a Family Vacation with Teens

Yes it is possible to have an enjoyable family vacation with teens! In fact, traveling with a teen is such a bonding experience that the memories and experiences you share together will last a lifetime.

Read the teenager travel tips below and don't forget to submit your own.

Traveling with teens is a great way to create wonderful family memories.

Teenagers will develop a new confidence from experiencing new cultures and trying fun new activities.

This is the perfect opportunity for them to learn something new about themselves.

Get your teens involved in the planning of the trip and be sure to include some activities that they will enjoy.

Traveling with Teens Tips

* Have your teenagers do some research on your destination or even pick the next vacation spot. They will enjoy the trip a lot more if they are involved in the planning. Have them plan a day of sightseeing and activities that appeal to them.

* Give them responsibilities during the trip. Put them in charge of luggage or currency conversion (great for practicing math). When you are out shopping have them convert the local price to your own currency. Or designate them the photographer or videographer of your vacation.

* Give them some freedom to spend some time either exploring a market or hanging out with their new friends at the hotel.

*A family vacation with teens is a great opportunity to learn about a new culture. Pick up the daily English newspaper when you are traveling so your teens can learn more about the destination.

*A family vacation with teens can be more enjoyable if you let them bring a friend to hang out with on the vacation.

*Look for volunteer opportunities for your teenagers in your destination country. This is a great opportunity for them to make a difference in the lives of someone else. Spend a few days volunteering at a tree planting facility, community center or helping build a home or school.

teenager with a suitcase

*Most hotels consider teenagers to be adults so finding accommodation can be tricky. Look for family friendly hotels for your specific destination on this website. Holiday apartments or villas are great options for the whole family. If you are on a budget look for hostels to save money-your teenagers will enjoy meeting all the young travelers.

*Let your teen stay in touch with their friends back home by providing them with time at an Internet cafe or bringing along a netbook.

*Check out the local music scene. Your teenagers will love hearing the different music from your destination. See if there is any live music playing in the evenings or events suitable for teenagers. Don't forget to pack their Ipod or MP3 player so they can share their music with their new friends.

*If you are traveling to an all inclusive resort look for one that has a teen center or activities. Look for a lively hotel with lots of things to do like water sports, contests and games. Great family vacations with teens involve lots of activities.

*Make sure they have some money of their own to purchase souvenirs for themselves and their friends back home

* Look for unusual activities or cool adventures that are unique to your destination-like eating insects in Thailand or visiting Bob Marley's birth place in Jamaica.

Let us know how your family vacation with teens goes and any other tips we can share with Family Travel Scoop readers!

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