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Unlocking the Wonders of Japan for Families - Your Ultimate 2024 Travel Guide

Discover Cultural Marvels, Exciting Activities, and Practical Tips for an Unforgettable Family Vacation in Japan

Visiting Japan with kids is an exciting experience for the whole family. It has a unique culture with an interesting blend of old and new. Your teenagers will love checking out the street fashions here and taking a fun cultural class such as taiko drumming or samurai sword lessons.  Your children will enjoy checking out the nooks and crannies of the castles and beautiful temples.

Don't miss out on riding the high speed bullet trains with your family.  Japan can be a challenget to get around, especially with kids in tow!   Read up on our guide to getting around Japan with kids before you go.

Japan is a very beautiful country. If you are lucky enough to visit it during cherry blossom season (usually end of March, beginning of April) you will enjoy the beautiful pink flowered trees. Your family will be able to enjoy the many festivities in the local parks and temples.

The fall is also very pretty with the leaves changing colors to beautiful reds, oranges and golds.You might like to try the Nagomi visit program too!

They help tourists visit a local family and get a truly authentic Japanese experience!

Experiences are available all over the country! Sounds like an amazing opportunity to see the real Japan!


Tokyo is a huge bustling modern city that has grown from a small fishing village named Edo. You will still find glimpses of the ancient town mixed with the new. Tokyo is full of exciting activities that the whole family will enjoy. Visit Tokyo Tower to check out the views as well as the wax museum and trick art gallery. Don't miss out on visiting Tokyo Disneysea with the kids and Akihabara electronics town for the latest gadgets.

Finding a hotel that will accommodate a family is never easy. We will show you the best Tokyo family hotels including budget, moderate and luxury accommodations for kids.


Kyoto is a lovely town known for its many beautiful temples and traditional Japanese streets where you may catch a glimpse of a gorgeous Geisha girl. Kyoto is full of interesting activities like feeding the monkeys at Monkey Park, visiting Nijo castle and exploring Nishiki food market in search of some exotic treats.

Most of the hotels in Kyoto offer a traditional Japanese tatami mat room with futon bedding. Children will love sleeping in these family rooms. We will recommend the best Kyoto hotels for families big and small . Don't worry there are cheap hotels here that will allow children in the rooms! We also have found the best ryokans.

Japanese Food 
Japan With Kids

If you are wondering what to eat in Japan when you travel with your family, there are lots of delicious foods


  • Udon
  • Tempura
  • Yakitori

Check out these delicious Japanese food for kids to sample!

Helpful family travel articles!

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