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Great RV Trips with Kids

Family RV Trips 

Grandfather BBQing with child at an RV stop

RV trips are sooooooooo fun. Recreational Vehicles (RVs) can be a great way to spend more time with your children.

Depending on how much families are willing to spend, some can have large bedroom with adjoining smaller ones.

Families have reported trips like these have long term affects, such as lower stress level and great educational experience for the children, for example learning more about nature. The family bonding experience can last for a lifetime, and can become a traditional experience in any family.

Living in an RV can be an excellent experience and families can learn to depend on each other rather than the materialistic items they now live with. RV's have limited space, which means not a lot of room for toys and video games and more time together talking, playing road games etc.

Spending more time with family can create a greater bond experience, especially for teens.

Teens are known to be more open with parents that are willing to listen and talk with them. The RV experience enhances the vacation by seeing things up close and personal.

Memories of real life nature and meeting other people who are vacationing with your family lasts a lifetime. Of course living in close quarters can cause some stress so check out out tips here!

Renting or even buying an RV is more cost effective than the cost of renting a hotel room. You and your family will have a very comfortable experience and you won’t have long to travel back to your room (or rooms).

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Family RV Trip Experiences

A white RV van

While living in an RV, here are a few tips to have the best experience possible:

1. Keep a camera to record all your memories. The pictures could be a scrapbook project you and your little ones could do together. Read about creating a travel journal here!

2. If you’re in a new area, try something new with your family. Never eaten a falafel before? Try, it’s delicious! Ever been to a diner? Stop in, you’ll love the old time rustic experience!

3. Talk with your family members about what they want to do for that day.

Besides the memories, you gain experience for trying something different. If your child wants to go to a water park? Take them! There’s no hotel fee and everything you want to eat is back in the RV!

4. Finally, enjoy your time together! These are memories that will last forever!

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