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Embark on a Family Adventure: Camping with Kids in 2024

Explore 2024 Family-Friendly Camping Tips and Ideas for an Unforgettable Outdoor Experience

father and daughter putting up a tent in a campground

Aww! The great outdoors. Are you going camping with kids? We have all the info you need- right here! Use these camping tips to plan a fun family getaway.

Camping with kids is a great budget friendly mini vacation. My kids and I love to camp on weekends throughout the summer.

*Now the disclaimer:)- My ideal family camping involves a pool or lake, kid's activities and a mini mart within reach. I haven't quite worked my way up to roughing it in the great open wilderness quite yet. Maybe one day. Now if my kind of camping sounds like your kind of camping, then you are in luck because there are lots of family friendly campgrounds.

Many campgrounds are family friendly. Most will have either a pool or lake for the kids to cool off in, a few organized activities, a playground, mini store for snacks, campfire wood and ice.

Some even have hayrides or haunted walks in the evenings. There are almost always bathrooms with showers.

Camping with Kids - More Camping Ideas

campsite set up
grandmother and child camping
family camping
enjoying the campground

Camping with Kids - Don't Miss it!

One of the most important camping tips is to make sure you are booking a family campground. Check with the campground to see what the rules are for noise.

There is nothing worse than a wild party going on a few meters from where you and your children are trying to sleep with only a tent between you and a bunch of loud partying teenagers.

Believe me-I never want to experience that again! Don't worry though most campgrounds do have a no noise policy after 11pm or so and it is enforced. If you are in Canada or the US check out the KOA campgrounds which are wonderful places to stay at.

When we go camping we sleep in a tent. We bring a ground sheet (tarp) to lay on the ground before we set the tent up. This helps to keep the cold moist ground from freezing you as you sleep at night.

We bring lots of old blankets to cushion us and we sleep in sleeping bags. You could also invest in some air mattresses for a more comfortable sleep.

If sleeping in a tent doesn't appeal to you then you may be able to stay in a cabin. A lot of campgrounds have a few cabins available for rental.

Another one of the important tips is to make sure you keep the tent zipped up at all times to keep the mosquitoes out!

Camping with your kids is a great time to experience those traditional foods like smores that make memories that last a life time!

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Fun Camping Ideas

child camping

Take the kids on a nature walk. Look for unusual bugs, frogs, plants and flowers that you don't see in your daily life.

Plan a treasure hunt for the kids. Make a list of things to find such as 3 different trees, rocks, flowers and a frog. Have them look for a blue tent, green camping chair, girl's bike, a big dog etc.

Tell spooky stories around the campfire.

Pack some supersoaker water guns and have a friendly water fight.

(Check out our packing list so you don't forget anything!)

Tell a group story around the campfire. One person starts by saying the first sentence. The next person continues the story by adding their own sentence. Keeping going until everyone has had a chance to add to the story.

Don't forget to explore the local area and check out some sites with the kids.

Invite other families to join you when you go camping. The kids will all have fun playing together while the adults relax!

Create shadow puppets on the tent walls with a flashlight. See who can create the craziest shapes!

Have a mini sports tournament. Gather up the other fellow children campers and play soccer, Frisbee, baseball etc.

Join in on the organized activities. My kids have enjoyed haunted walks, kids bingo, crafts, treasure hunts, bubble blowing competitions, evening outdoor movies, and sports at the campgrounds we have visited.

Check  the KOA to find the best campgrounds in America or EuroCamping for European camping spots.

More Camping Ideas

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