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Delicious Vietnam Food Your Kids Will Love

vietnamese pho

Vietnam food is delicious. Your kids will love it! Vietnamese dishes are usually made with fresh vegetables, protein (beef, pork, chicken, fish or seafood) and flavored with fish sauce, soy sauce, and herbs such as basil and lemongrass. Rice is commonly served and noodle dishes are very popular.

Chopsticks are used to eat most dishes in Vietnam. If your kids aren't used to using them then pick up some at the dollar store with a bag of candy (mine liked practicing with gummy worms). The kids will have fun practicing in preparation for your trip. Don't worry if the kids don't master it as restaurants will always have Chinese style soup spoons available.

Due to the French influence you will find delicious fresh baguettes and pastries available. Vietnam is also known for its delicious fresh fruit ice cream. Great for a tasty treat!

There is not a lot of fast food available. I didn't see any McDonald's in Hanoi-but I did spot a KFC. You will, however, find pizza and restaurants offering western style cuisine all over the place.

One of my favorite things to do when I travel to other countries is to head to the fruit market and try all the exotic fruits that we don't have back home. My kids also love this-and you can't go wrong with fruit-except maybe durian (a very stinky fruit that smells like old sweaty socks!)

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Vietnamese Cuisine -Vietnam Food

Pho is the most famous Vietnam food. It is a rice noodle soup served with sliced meat either chicken (pho ga) or beef (pho bo). It is flavored with onion and spices. My kids adored this.

Bun Cha is another Vietnamese dish the kids will enjoy. It consists of grilled pork with vermicelli noodles served on a bed of salad and cucumbers. It may also include chopped up egg rolls and shrimp and topped with roasted peanuts.

Com Ga Rau Thom is a Vietnamese mint chicken rice dish. The rice is cooked in chicken stock and topped with shredded chicken. It is flavored with mint and herbs.

Spring Rolls are found in different varieties throughout Vietnam. These deep fried treats are filled with pork, shrimp, crab and vegetables. They are served with a dipping sauce.

Summer Rolls or fresh rolls are another tasty Vietnam food. These are similar to a spring roll however they are not deep fried instead they are rolled with rice paper soaked in water. They are served with a sauce to dip the rolls in.

Curry is another popular Vietnamese dish. It is usually made with coconut milk. Check with the server to determine how spicy it is if your children aren't used to spicy food.

Chuoi Chien is a delicious desert that your whole family will devour. It is a banana fried in batter and served with vanilla or coconut ice cream. Yum!

Vietnamese Fruit -More Vietnam Food

dragon made of fruit in Vietnam

Durian is known as the king of fruits. It is a strong smelling and tasting fruit. It is so stinky it is banned from most subway systems in Asia. This one is only for the adventurous and you either love it or hate it. Me and my kids definitely fall into the 'hate it' category.

Sweetsop is my favorite fruit. This green bumpy fleshed fruit breaks easily apart to reveal the delicious sweet pulp. Soursop is another fruit that is made into a delicious fruit drink or milkshake. Highly recommend ordering this drink if its available.

Mangosteen is also a delicious fruit. This tomato sized fruit has a deep purple skin that cracks open to reveal a white pulp. Be careful when the kids are eating this one as the purple skin can stain clothes and skin.

There is nothing better than a fresh Mango. Your kids will love this meaty orange fruit. Very filling!

Sapodilla is another one of the fruits I search out on my travels. This Vietnam fruit looks similar to a kiwi on the outside. Inside is a brown pulp that tastes like brown sugar and molasses. It is so good!

Pineapple is another popular fruit. You will find lots of vendors selling this treat already cut into cubes. If you are worried about stomach problems then buy this one whole and peel it yourself back at your hotel.

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