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Best Travel Photography Projects for Kids

Help your Child Snap Amazing Photos on your Travels

girl taking a photo

Kid's photography is a great hobby! Today it is a lot easier to help your children become travel photographers than it was a few years ago.

With digital cameras and smart phones you don't have the expense of developing photos to see what they turn out like and so you also don't have to limit your children as to the amount of photos they take.

Give your kids either a conventional disposable camera or a smart phone to use as a camera or a digital camera to use and let them take as many pictures as they please. By taking a lot of shots they will figure out what is aesthetically pleasing to them and what looks good and what doesn't.

Don't give them too much direction it may put them off, you don't want taking trip photos to feel like school, it has to be fun so limit your tips. However there are a few tips you can give your children about how to take a good travel photo.

Top Photography Tips for Children

girl taking a photo

Here are some of the tips you can give your children about taking a good photograph which may seem obvious to an adult but still need to be said to a budding junior travel photographer.

The most important tip is to teach your kids about photography is about using light. They should take photos with the light behind them most of the time but also point out to them about how the position of the sun can change the atmosphere of the shot, i.e. the sun rising behind a building.

Get shots of major landmarks and famous monuments. Let them try to take a picture of a famous building in an unusual or unique way (angle, composition or lighting).

  • To get an interesting shot look around and notice if there are any people doing interesting or unusual things, for example street performers.

  • Try taking some photos which show contrasts, a modern skyscraper with a woman dressed in tribal clothes in the foreground or contrasting old and new, young and old, light and dark in the same shot.
  • Discuss taking photos from a moving car, train or bus and how that will affect their shot, let them try it just to see the effect it has. Also they need to realize what happens when you take a photo through the glass window of a vehicle.
  • Teach your young travel photographers about the rules when taking a picture in a museum and how the flash detrimentally affects artwork. On a digital camera you can adjust the ISO to a higher setting when taking photos in a museum.
  • Tell your kids about taking photos indoors and out and how you need a flash when there is not enough light. Show them on the camera how you can choose a light setting to suit your circumstances (cloudy, sunny, snow).

  • Tell your junior trip photographers that they always need to ask permission to take a stranger's photo as in some cultures it is forbidden to get your picture taken and asking shows respect for the person.
  • Get kids to try taking shots of large areas and then of a single object or building to learn the value of focusing on one subject in a shot.
  • When your kids become travel photographers they will also become more observant about their surroundings and thus gain more from the trip experience.
  • Lastly even though your kids have used a digital devise to take the photographs make sure you get some of their travel photos printed up and even framed, this gives credibility and respect to their photographic work.

Not only that but we would be happy to publish your child's best photos with full attribution on our website -how's that for a start to kid's travel photography! Just email your photos to

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