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Pannys Chocolate Factory

A Phillip Island Attraction for Families

pannys chocolate factor

Pannys Chocolate factory is certainly all it promises to be! After visiting the (not) chocolate facilities in Margaret River, WA this was a wonderful surprise! This is a true chocolate factory with all the trimmings! Combine this with a visit to other Phillip Island attractions such as the Kaola park or a bit of kayaking and you have a lovely full day out!

We all felt like we were inside Willy Wonka's chocolate dreamland from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Chocolate smells and chocolate tasting and chocolate machines!! So exciting!

From the delicious smell of warm chocolate you sniff as you enter to the lovely cafe and shop to the amazing factory itself, this is a family attraction on Phillip Island you do not want to miss!

What can you see at Pannys Chocolate Factory?

There are sculptures large and small made out of chocolate including penguins, Michelangelo's David and many more! These are really works of art made from pure chocolate!

There are fun rooms filled with chocolate games and quizzes -some that kids can win free chocolates! This was a highlight for our kids and they did not want to leave they wanted more and more chocolate prizes!! We had to pry them out of there as it was getting a bit embarrassing lol!

Have your photo taken in the huge chocolate display room and then email it from the computer to yourself as a souvenir! Pannys Chocolate Factory is a really fun thing to do on Phillip Island and suitable for all ages!

chocolate photo room
sign at chocolate factory
machine at the factory
chocolate penguins

My daughters favorite was the machine that lets you choose a type of chocolate, a flavor or two and then watch as it is magically made and appears wrapped up out the end of the Willy Wonka like machine!

Enjoy the display windows where you can watch Panny and his team making the delicious chocolates! Don't forget to try some-it is simply amazing-delicious!

We enjoyed our time at the factory and it was the highlight of our younger daughters whole trip -she is still telling all her friends about the cool things to do in the factory!

Phillip Island Chocolate Cafe

Don't miss the cafe where you can try the most delicious hot chocolate and chocolate milkshakes! They are simply delicious!! We started our tour here having breakfast which was lovely and then browsing the shops before embarking on the tour of the factory! If you love chocolate you will be in heaven in this place!! Yum!!

sign a phillip island chocolate factory
inside the amazing world of chocolate

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Phillip Island Chocolate Factory Contact Details

930 Phillip Island Rd
Newhaven VIC 3925

Tel:(61)3 5956 6600


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