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Kenya Food

African Cuisine Kids Love

kenyan food

Are you wondering about Kenya food? Kenya is a diverse country.

This diversity is shown in the foods that are popular to the region.

Depending on where you and your family visit, there are different foods to experience.

Kids may be hesitant at first to try some of the local dishes but may come to like the unfamiliar tastes and textures of the new foods.

10 Child Friendly Foods that are worth trying on your Trip to Kenya

The typical national dish is ugali. Ugali is a dish of cornmeal cooked until it is thick. It is then placed on a plate for all to enjoy together. This dish usually accompanies other Kenyan foods.

Sukuma wiki is another local favorite. It is a stew made from either collard or kale. The name sukuma wiki is Swahili for “to push through the week”.

As the name implies, it is hoped that this food will “push” or last for the week of meals. It's green color may put off some kids, but encourage them to give it a try.

Nyama choma is a meat dish, the Kenyan barbeque.

Usually made with beef or more likely goat as that is a cheaper meat option when compared to chicken. It is a roasted dish, typically over an open fire.

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More Kenya Food

african bread

Another dish is called githeri. This dish is a mix of boiled corn and beans. Then it is lightly fried with onions.

A simple bread like dish called chapati is available. This bread is flat and unleavened. It is cooked on a griddle and served with stews.

Kids may enjoy kachumbari. This is a salad type dish. It is made with chopped tomatoes, onions, pepper, cilantro, and lemon juice. Avocado may also be added.

Wali is a rice dish. Since palm trees are found along Kenya's coast, coconut is plentiful. Thus the rice is cooked in coconut milk adding a rich flavor to the dish. Kids may really enjoy the simple yet tasty flavor of this popular meal.

Uji is a nutritious meal for kids. It is a hot breakfast cereal. Usually made with millet and corn flour, it is boiled with water or powered milk. Because of the many nutrients in this dish, it is popular for babies and young children.

Seeing as children love donuts, they are sure to love maandazi, the Kenyan donut. It is deep fried and sweet. This food is served with breakfast and can be served as a snack throughout the day.

The parents can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with their maandazi while the kids just enjoy the sweet flavor of this Kenyan treat.

Karanga is an example of a stew with which chapati could be served. Karanga is a delicious meat and potato stew. It can also be served with rice.

There is a variety of dishes for old and young to enjoy in Kenya. Try some of the foods mentioned above and enjoy experiencing true Kenyan culture and living!

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