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Nairobi with Kids

Visit Beautiful Kenya for your Family Vacation

local boy in Nairobi, Kenya
  • If you are planning a trip to Nairobi with kids, you may want to have a list of activities to make sure that you keep everybody busy and happy. Here are some suggestions of family activities.

  • Elephant orphanage -This is a “must do” activity in Nairobi for kids. The orphanage is filled with baby elephants up to 2 years. Your kids will love to see them play in mud puddles.

  •  Giraffe Center -Visitors can climb up on a stand and feed the giraffes. The center also offers a nature trail through a dry forest. Details on how to visit.

  • Splash Waterworld -The center features a large free form pool with lots of activities. Kids can play in the water slides or even enjoy camel and horse rides. There are three pools including a baby pool with baby slides, an pool with adult slides plus the large swimming pool. There is also a merry go round, kiddie car, bouncing castle, trampoline, volleyball, pool tables and a mini soccer.  It is a fun place for people going to Nairobi with kids. There is food available on site too!

  • Nairobi Safari Walk -This is another great place for the whole family to discover the animals and habitats of Kenya. Your kids will have the opportunity to see lions, crocodiles, white rhinos, and chubby leopards in their natural habitat.

  •  Nairobi National Museum -The museum showcases Kenya's culture, nature, history and contemporary art. If your children are not interested in art, they will be amazed by the Snake Park and Botanical Gardens.

  • City Parks -Nairobi has a few interesting parks that are perfect for long walks and picnics. Your kids can play and run in the open spaces of the Uhuru and Central Park. You can also rent a row boat to take out on the artificial lake in Uhuru Park.
  • Carnivore restaurant -After feeding wild animals and walking through the parks, eating will be one of the next things to do in Nairobi. At the Carnivore restaurant, you can have dinner with skewers of crocodile or camel. Camel and donkey rides are also available on weekend. Book a table here.

  • Karting-If you’re tired of seeing animals, you may want to spend part of the day at GP Karting. You will be able to race with your kids in well-maintained and stable karts. A lot of fun and a lot of speed!

  • The Village Market-This market is a large shopping, recreation and entertainment complex. It has an outdoor food court featuring African and International cuisine. The family can also enjoy the Market’s water slides. A great stop in Nairobi with kids.

  • Ol Peron Resort, Kitengela -The Resort is located at a small distance from Nairobi and is a nice educational venue with various activities. With wildlife and Safari rally tracks, visiting this resort is one of the fun things to do in Nairobi.

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