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Family Holiday Stress

Tips to Reduce Tension on your Next Family Vacation

tired mother and daughter traveling

Sometimes when you take a vacation, you need a vacation to get over your vacation.

Have you ever felt that way? I know I have on many occasions!

So how can we reduce family holiday stress?

Vacations are meant to recharge our batteries and reinvigorate our zest for life! However, sometimes we try to cram too much into too few days and end up more stressed then we started with!

Here we give you our best advice to make your trip successful, stress free and happy!

The Myth Of The Perfect Holiday

Here are a few ways of easing the pressures of traveling

1. Take several shorter vacations throughout the year instead of one big, long vacation.

2. Try not to pack too much into one vacation. Definitely plan in downtime.

3. Spend some time relaxing on the beach, reading a book, laying on the beach, and dining out without the need to rush off somewhere. Don't try to fit too much into a day!


4. Be sure to cover yourself and family with the right insurances to cover most problems. You never know what's going to happen. There would be nothing more stressful that getting sick or in an accident and then receiving a huge bill.

5. Don't do the tourist thing and stay out in the sun too long. Use sunscreen and limit your hours in the sun.

6. Make extra copies of your traveling documents. Know who to contact in case of loss or theft, especially if you're traveling overseas.

7. Be careful of what you eat. You don't want to fall sick on holiday!

8. Make sure you have the proper equipment when doing adventure sports and always listen to the trained professional.

Family Holiday Stress Tips

kids club with drinks
  • Always plan ahead for the necessary vaccinations. Don't get the shots the day before you leave in case the kids or you have a reaction to the shots, especially when traveling overseas.
  • Plan to keep the kids amused while traveling - try out a Fly It Quiet Activity Pack
  • Balance everyone's time so everyone gets to do something they really want to do.
  • When in another country, remember their customs and culture will not be the same as yours. Know what type of country you are visiting.

Too Much Time Together Causes Family Holiday Stress

stress fre family on the beach

Since it's a vacation, of course, you spend time together as a family, but too much will cause all of you to undergo some stress and tension.

Remember that your everyday life is not spending 24 hours a day together. Always arrange parts of the day for the kids to do something away from you and the hubby. And don't forget to spend time on yourself and let your other half do their own thing.

Use some of these suggestions:

If you can, book two rooms or more to keep the tension down. It gives everyone some space for themselves to chill out.

Arrange for a boy's day and a girl's day out if you have both son's and daughters. Go your separate ways for the day with men doing the men thing and girls doing their thing.

Try some of these suggestions to keep everyone as happy as possible so everyone enjoys their vacation.

  • Be sure everyone is on the same page. Talk with all family member and work as of team to find activities that will please everyone. Teach the word compromise wisely.
  • Talk and find out what is bothering the kids or your partner before it boils out of control

Hopefully with the tips above family holiday stress will be manageable and you will have a fantastic holiday!

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