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12 Amazing Kyoto Family Hotels & Ryokans

We have found the best Kyoto family hotels for all budgets. Most hotels in Kyoto that can accommodate a family are offering traditional style Japanese rooms with tatami floors and futons to sleep on. This is lots of fun for the kids. You can even stay in one of the famous capsule hotel with the kids!

There are also several traditional ryokans for kids available in Kyoto. A ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn usually with sliding paper doors and tatami mats. The ryokans typically include a multi course Japanese dinner and traditional breakfast served in the room. There are often communal baths (some will not allow children) and beautiful garden.

Kyoto is filled with fun things to do for the whole family.  Start your planning here:

Mid-Range Kyoto Family Hotels

Watazen Ryokan

413 Itsutsuya-cho Rokkaku Sagaru Yanagibaba Nakagyo-ku, Hotel Website

This ryokan is a great option for families looking for an affordable Japanese style room. You can even sample a multi-course Japanese style meal in your room. This Kyoto family friendly hotel is centrally located close to Nishiki Market.

For the Kids:

  • Children love sleeping on the futons on the tatami mats.
  • TV in rooms (Japanese tv is so fun to watch!)
  • Children size yukata robes in rooms

Fits a family of:

  • This ryokan can accommodate a family of 4 or 5.

Shinmonso Hotel

Hanamikohji Shinmonmae Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Hotel Website

This accommdation is ideally located near to picturesque Gion, Kyoto. It is an ideal location with plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.

For the Kids:

  • Children will love the traditional family baths available.

Fits a family of:

  • Traditional Japanese rooms that can sleep a family of 4.

Seikoro Ryokan

467 Nishitachibana-Cho, Sanchome, Kyoto

They offers quad rooms in a traditional style. All rooms have balconies. This family friendly ryokan is located a few minutes drive from temples

For the Kids:

  • Japanese tea and cookies served
  • Lovely garden

Fits a family of:

  • Family of 4 in traditional tatami mat room

Luxury Kyoto Family Hotels

Granvia Hotel

JR Kyoto Station, Hotel Website

This is a family friendly luxury Kyoto hotel located in Kyoto Station. This is an excellent location and quiet-you won't hear the trains. They offer Western style family rooms. It does have a pool, but unfortunately it is adult only.

For the Kids

  • TV in rooms
  • Internet connection in rooms
  • Cribs available for babies

Fits a family of:

  • Western rooms that can sleep a family of 4.

Gion Hatanaka

Gion Yasaka Jinja Minamimon Mae Higashiyama Ku Kyoto, Hotel Website

This is a great choice for families who would like to stay at a Ryokan with kids. It is located in the beautiful Gion area with plenty of things to see and do.

For the Kids:

  • Japanese garden.
  • Park Nearby
  • Traditional futon bedding

Fits a family of:

  • Family rooms that can sleep 4.

Cheap Kyoto Family Hotels

Sparkling Dolphins

56 Kamigoryocho, Higashi Kujyo, Minami-ku, Hotel Website

This is a cheap Kyoto family hostel. The hotel is located close to Kyoto station.

For the Kids:

  • Family cat and dog that live here too!

Fits a family of:

  • Family rooms that can sleep 4, 5 or 6 in a traditional style tatami mat room.

Capsule Ryokan Kyoto

204 Tsuchihashicho, Shimogyo-ku, Hotel Website

We've all heard of them-now is your chance! Stay in a hi tech capsule room. The kids will love it!

For the Kids:

  • Children will love this unique experience!
  • Tv
  • Hi tech toilet

Fits a family of:

  • Capsules can only accommodate 2 so you will need to book a couple of them for the family!

Bakpak Hostel

2-244 Miyagawa Suji, Higashiyama-ku, Hotel Website

This is another family friendly budget Kyoto hostel. It is located only 10 minutes away from the famed Gion area with traditional wood houses, tea shops and restaurants. Laundry facilities and communal kitchen are available.

For the Kids:

  • Common room with tv, computers with internet access

Fits a family of:

  • Quad rooms (2 bunk beds) with a shared bathroom.

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