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Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Cuban Cuisine for Kids in 2024

Dive into the Irresistible Flavors of Havana - A Culinary Journey for Families

cuba food platter

Are you wondering what the kids can eat on your trip to Cuba? Cuba food is not world renowned. Chances are you are not traveling here for the gastronomic experience but rather to visit the beautiful beaches. The food at the resorts can be bland and poor quality (although some hotels do of course offer tasty meals).

When you tire of the hotel buffet then check out some of the local restaurants with your family. We have found some of the best food in Cuba to sample when you travel with your kids. If you are traveling with picky eaters, don't worry there is lots of delicious food.

There are not any familiar chain restaurants, however you will find restaurants offering pizza, hamburgers and fries. Pack some familiar snacks from home for the little ones. And you can't go wrong with all that delicious fresh fruit.

A lot of restaurants serve a starter salad of shredded cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables, which can be drizzled with oil and vinegar. Many restaurants offer grilled fish, lobster, grilled meats (chicken, beef, pork) and accompanied with rice (white or with black beans) and fries.

You will be able to get fresh fruit juices at most restaurants such as orange, mango and pineapple juices. Domestic soft drinks are available (diet sodas can be hard to find) at usually a lower price then the imported versions. Homogenized boxed milk is available at grocery stores in the tourist areas.

What to Eat In Cuba With Kids?
Cuba Food Kids Will Love!

chicken dish in cub
  • Rice and Beans-This typical Cuban food is served with most meals. The black beans can be cooked and served separately from the rice, or cooked together. My kids loved this!

  • Grilled Meat (Pork, Beef, Chicken) is often accompanied by a Mojo sauce made of onions, garlic, oil, lime juice and spices.

  • Roast Pork is delicious. This is slow roasted over charcoal.

  • Paella is another popular food in Cuba. This dish is made with rice, chicken or pork and seafood. It is seasoned with spices such as paprika and garlic.

  • Fresh seafood is found in most tourist restaurants and served with the usual sides of rice, fries and salad.

  • Plantains are often served as a side dish with meals. This banana relative is lightly fried or baked. My children love these!

  • Ropa Vieja is a traditional food that your kids may enjoy. It is a shredded beef dish that is cooked in a tomato based sauce.

exocitc fruit platter in Cuba
  • Fruit is one of the highlights of the food in Cuba. Fresh pineapple, papaya, banana, melon and oranges are readily available and often served for breakfast.

Want to learn more about Cuba food facts for kids? Download the Fly it Quiet Cuba Travel Guide for kids full of cultural activities and Cuba country facts and games!

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