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We share our family travel secrets to help you plan an unforgettable adventure ! Travel with kids and share the world with them!

Asia with Kids


chinese temple



floating market


malaysian temple

Europe with Kids


on the siene


gladiators in rome with kids



skiing in germany

Caribbean Trips


kids on the beach


kids on the beach



kids on the beach

Toronto Canada -  Our Featured Destination January 2015

Toronto -A fun family travel spot

What to do?

Family Travel Planning

Family Travel Planning takes time and resources!

Let us help you-we have found family-friendly hotels that accept families of upto 6 in one room, hotels with the best kid's clubs, sourced all the best attractions and things to do with kids in the major tourist cities around the world and prepared exciting travel packs to help your kids learn all about the culture of your destination on the plane ride over! All this and more!

World's Best...

ocean liner for cruise

Save Money

globe with money

Travel Experiences

25 travel experience with pyramids
family with suitcases


Travel Adventure

Children Traveling Alone

Budget Travel Tips

Your Family Travel Bloggers

A little bit about us.....We are 2 sisters who love to travel with our kids! Between our two families we have visited 42 countries and lived in 12 different countries (and counting!) We definitely have a bad case of the 'travel bug'! We will help you find the best things to do, family friendly hotels and new foods for the kids to try! Happy Travels!!

Helen with kids in Vietna
Alison with kids in Egpyt

Going to Disney?

kids at disney

How about a family trip to Florida, the sunshine state, this winter?

Orlando is one of the most popular places to travel with kids with Disneyland and many other amusement parks to visit.


Family Trip Ideas From Around the Globe!

kids in rome


Ride a gondola, take part in Carnevale, eat pizza and gelato and visit the gladiators in Italy with kids. Viva Italia!

child on Jamaican beac


White sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and delicious food await you on your family trip to Jamaica!

kids in halong ba


Ride a junk boat in Halong Bay or explore the colorful markets of Hanoi when you visit Vietnam with kids.

child in abu dhabi


Ride a camel, go to the beach and visit a falcon hospital! Enjoy a fabulous trip to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Visit out sister site Your Abu Dhabi Guide

starfish ad seashells

Printable Children's Travel Guides

We specialize in children's travel guides!

We are passionate about educating kids about the places they are visiting, so their family holidays are more rewarding and meaningful.

Our printable journals showcase the food, culture, currency and language of your holiday destination.

Gordie Gibbon will be your children's travel guide!

pyramids in egyp

Don't miss our on the great memories of a family trip! Whether you are going on a short jaunt or across the world- we will help you make your trip a success!

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