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Discover the Thrills of Calypso Waterpark: A 2024 Family Escape

Make Waves with Calypso Waterpark: Unleashing Joy for Families in 2024

Are you ready for Calypso Waterpark in Canada?

Wow! Get here early and be ready to stay the whole day at Calypso, Canada`s largest waterpark!  They have got it all: wave pool? Check!   Loads of slides for all ages? Check!  Water playground for the little ones? Check!  Lazy River? Check!

We spent a hot sunny day here with the kids and it was a day to remember!  We started off with a dip in the massive wave pool. This thing is huge-it can hold 2000 people.  The kids loved waiting for the buzzer to go off and the waves to start rolling.  There are plenty of sun loungers to relax on here.

Next up was the Jungle Challenge. The kids grabbed on to the ropes above and tried to leap across the logs, jump on the lily pads and run across a crocodile or twos back to make it across the river!

More Fun Things to do in Calypso Waterpark

My favourite part was the Kongo Expedition, the newest attraction at Calypso Waterpark.  We floated along on our inner tube as we were drenched by waterfalls, hissing snakes, and even made it out alive of a boiling cauldron!  The kids loved the dark cave we entered complete with reptile, primates and lots of adventure!  You won't get out of this attraction dry!

The brave ones amongst us (ok the teenagers) loved the Aqualoops.  You stand in an enclosed cabin, then 3..2...1, the floor drops out beneath you and sends you hurdling all the way around a loop like on a rollercoaster! This is the only ride like this in all of Canada. Are you brave enough?

Zoomerang was a hit with the kids. They loved riding the raft as they slid down the side of the slide and then straight up the curved wall.

Pirates Play is a huge water playground that is perfect for the children. They could shoot water cannonc, walk the plank and slide the waterslides built just for them! If you are with toddlers and babies then head to Zoo Lagoon where they can splash around in the wading pools and climb the structures!

There are loads more slides to enjoy including ones that spin you around and around like a toilet bowl flush until you drop out into a pool of water,  tunnel slides, racing slides and loads of raft rides! There is so much to do we didn't even get a chance to ride them all!  

Personal Floatation Devices are available for free (photo id or deposit required) for the kids. You can rent a locker to store your valuables and load some money on to your account that is accessible with a swipe of your finger tip. No need to carry cash or credit cards.  There are restaurants throughout the park offering up sandwiches, pizza, burgers, ice cream and more! Mom and Dad can even enjoy a cocktail at the Hawaiian Beach Bar.

Calypso is located in Limoges which is about 30 minutes from downtown Ottawa or 75 minutes from Montreal.  They offer a shuttle service (fee) at various pick up points around Ottawa.

Check out the Calypso website for hours and pricing.

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