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Unleash Adventure: Breakout Malaysia 2024

Experience Thrills & Bonding with Breakout Malaysia – Perfect for Families!

Have a surreal escape experience at this unique Kuala Lumpar attraction. All you need is 2-8 players, logic and curiosity and to solve a mystery. Participants are asked to step into a new reality, indulge in an over active imagination and immerse yourself in the game. 

The attraction consists of five themed rooms each designed and decorated to create the setting for a mystery. The rooms provide players (2-6 in each room at any one time) with puzzles to solve and tasks to perform in order to complete the game and solve the mystery so they can “Break Out.”.

Each game session lasts about 1 hour which includes a 15 minute briefing and 45 minutes of gameplay plus an additional 5 minutes in some cases. The ultimate purpose of the game is to solve the mystery. If you solve it in the shortest possible amount of time you will be the winner of the week.

We went into the Room of Hocus and had so much fun! It was challenging and we did use up all our clues but in the end the staff helped us to solve the riddles! We laughed a lot and had to work as a team!  It was lots of fun!

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The Breakout Characters

Each participant chooses a character which they will play for the duration of the game.

The Lightbringer is a natural born leader who can produce light.

The Scholar is the wisest of the group and gets one hint on request. The Time Bender can gain an additional 5 minutes to the game.

The Oracle is clairvoyant and will be shown a photograph of an area of the game containing clues. It is up to the Oracle to remember what he saw.

The Lockmaster is an iron smith who can request to unlock one lock during the game or exchange it for a hint.

The Merchant is a greedy master who wants to amass personal savings. 

Breakout Themed Rooms

Mr. Oswald’s Greatest Show – Discover the identity of the mysterious puppeteer.

The Greatest Murder of Westwood – Follow the clues to solve the crime and reveal who the serial killer is. 

The Infinity – Set in the future, this room is a social experiment where the subconscious minds of the participants have been merged. Together you need to solve the puzzles and break out.

Chamber of Hocus – Try to capture the criminal magician Mr. Hocus and discover his mysterious Chamber of Hocus.

A Few Notes -It is important to arrive on time as the game sessions are scheduled. If you arrive late your session may be canceled. Although the attraction is for all ages it is recommended that kids under 13 years be accompanied by an adult. You should come in comfortable clothes as there are a few physical obstacles in the game. If you need somewhere to leave bags while you play there are lockers. You will be given the key to the locker to hold until the end of the game. Breakout is planning a new outlet with 7 new theme rooms in NuSentral which is scheduled to open in May 2015.

Contact Details

Where: L2-16, Level 2, Avenue K Mall, Kuala Lumpur, (LRT KLCC Station), Malaysia  

Open Hours: 10am-10pm daily

Price:  At Breakout you pay per person per room – 2 people-100RM; 3-135RM; 4-160RM; 5-190RM; 6-228RM; 7-252RM and 8 people-288RM.

With a MyRapid Card you can get a 10% discount.

Booking: Book your time slot for each room on the Breakout website.

Contact: (603) 2181 1835

Website: Breakout 

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