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Fly It Quiet Travel Activity Packs

Travel Books For Kids

Fly It Quiet Activity Packs are exciting, interactive travel journals that teach children about their travel destination through coloring pages, travel quizzes, mazes, word searches and more.

Available for many destinations around the world. The Fly It Quiet Activity Packs were developed by an educational consultant who specializes in international travel. Learn more about our Fly It Quiet Travel Activity Packs.

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1) You will need an active pay-pal account to receive your monthly commissions from our travel program. If you don't already have a paypal account you can create one here.

2)Join our affiliate program by setting up a FREE account at

3)Click Get Affiliate Code in your e-junkie account.

4)Under Select Merchant choose Family Travel Scoop and copy our Common Hop Link onto your website, newsletter, blog etc.

***Please change the anchor text (default is: Click here to visit Family Travel Scoop) to something more appropriate for your site, blog, newsletter etc. For example if you have a site about Italy you could use: Download an Italy Fly It Quiet Activity Pack for your kids!

5)***Very Important! Be sure to enter your paypal email address in Admin > Edit Profile in your account with so that we can send your commissions each month!!

Now sit back and watch your monthly payments roll in!

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How It Works

***When someone clicks on your hop link-they will land on our sales page for the Fly It Quiet Activity Packs.

We offer packs for two age groups (ages 4-8 & 9-13) so many customers purchase both age groups. We also have lots of customers that are visiting multiple countries and will purchase Fly It Quiet Activity Packs for several countries! You receive 40% commission on all packs, coloring books and bundles that are purchased!

Once a customer clicks on this link and purchases any of the Fly It Quiet Packs (coloring books and bundles included) you will receive 40% commission!

When they click on the link on your site and land on our site then a cookie is set in their browser. So for the next 6 months you will receive 40% commission on any Fly It Quiet Activity Packs (coloring books and bundles included!) even if they come back directly to our site!

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Tips For Increasing Sales

1)Place the hop link on your high traffic pages-your home page or other high traffic pages.

2)Place the text link multiple times through out your pages. Pre sell your customers by providing a brief explanation of the Fly It Quiet Activity Pack with the link, and also provide a benefit.

Example: Download a France Fly It Quiet Activity Pack for your children. These travel guides for children are filled with fun interactive activities that enhance their understanding of the culture and keep them entertained for hours!

3)If using a banner-place it directly under your headline or above the fold (the top part of your page that is visible when someone lands on your site without scrolling).

Join our Fly It Quiet Travel Program!

If you have any Questions or Concerns about our travel program please email us at


Please feel free to use our banners to promote the Fly It Quiet Travel Activity Packs. You can get download the travel journal sales banners here. Don't forget to link it with your hop link so you earn commission!

Terms and Conditions

By joining our Fly It Quiet travel program you agree to the following terms:
1)We pay 40% commission on all Fly It Quiet Activity Packs, Coloring Books and combo packs purchased through your hop link.

2)Commission earned in each month is paid out the following month (anytime between the 15th-31st). Commission will be paid on all sales made from the previous months less any refunds (p.s. no one has ever requested a refund from us!)

3)Commission is solely paid through paypal

4)40% commission is paid on the entire amount that the customer pays to us.

5)We do offer a $2 discount coupon on several coupon sites. If a coupon is used during your sale-your commission will be 40% of the discounted payment amount. If you would like to offer your own $2 discount coupon-contact us for a coupon code.

6)A 6 month cookie is set in the browser of the customer when they click on your hop link. If the customer returns directly to our site within 6 months you will still receive 40% commission on the sale. If the customer clicks on Affiliate A's hop link, and at a later date clicks on Affiliate B's hop link and then a sale is made within the 6 months then Affiliate B will receive the sale. All cookies are tracked solely by

7)You will receive an automated email notifying you of every sale made through your hop link.

8)You may purchase Fly It Quiet Activity Packs for your own personal use through your hop link and receive the commission on it!

9)You may create your own customized banners or text link for our products as long as they are not derogatory or offensive. Don't forget to use your personalized hop link so we can track your sales!

10)You may place your hop link on your website, blog, newsletter, social media accounts etc. You can use the hop links multiple times throughout your site.

11) You may not use search engine optimization or purchase ads using the terms Fly It Quiet or Family Travel Scoop to rank higher in the search engines for those terms.

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