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Top 10 Things to do with Kids in Glasgow

Glasgow has a great mix of historic attractions and fun amusements. The best thing is that many of them are free and most of them are family-friendly. Here is a selection of the very best kid-friendly Glasgow attractions. 

1. Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery 

For something completely different go see the performance of dancing wood-carved creations at the Kinetic Theatre. Music, lights and entertaining stories are played out through moving puppet-like figures. The work of Eduard Bersudsky has gained international acclaim, and never ceases to amaze and enthrall.  

2. Glasgow Science Center 

Europe’s best science museum housed in a mind boggling purpose-built titanium clad shell-shaped building. There are three sections – an IMAX cinema, the Science Mall and The Glasgow Tower. Kids can experiment with 250 learning-exhibits; visit the planetarium and a lab. The Glasgow Tower is a freely rotating tower.

3. Scotland Street School Museum 

Enter classrooms from three different eras – Victorian, WWII and the 1960s. Kids will love the Family Activity Trail and the dress-up section of the museum. Kids can wear a dunce hat, play in an old fashioned playground and write on individual chalk boards.

4. Cruise the River Clyde 

Buy a day ticket to hop-on-hop-off the boat which ferries people up and down the River Clyde which runs through the city. For a longer excursion cruise to Loch Lomond and visit Loch Lomond Sealife.

5. Riverside Museum 

In the Glasgow dock area visit this award winning museum housed in a remarkable building. On display are items dating back to the 1700s and up to present day, all related to transportation and travel. The museum has fun interactive and multi-media displays as well as real locomotives and other transportation vehicles. Docked in the adjacent water is the Tall Ship a fun nautical attraction.  

6. M&D’s Theme Park 

With 5 roller coasters and 20 more rides and attractions this is the ultimate Scottish theme park. The park has an indoor section so it can stay open year round. There is glow-in-the-dark bowling, soft play areas, eateries, an indoor tropical rainforest with animals and birds. 

7. Kelvingrove Museum 

The museum’s 22 galleries display 8000 objects spanning a wide variety of topics. Of special interest is the natural history section, arms and armor and the section on world culture. Apart from seeing huge models of dinosaurs and real spitfire airplanes kids can also see some fine art including Dutch Old Masters and French Impressionists. 

8. Rouken Glen

This beautiful green space has formal and informal gardens, leisure activities, a café, art gallery, visitor’s center, waterfalls, bridges and a walled garden. There is a skate park, picnic area, outdoor gym, playground, a science trail and ducks and swans on the large pond.

9. Pollok County Park 

The city’s largest park has woodlands, gardens, theme trails, Highland cattle, riverside walks, playgrounds, horses, stables, a sawmill, a museum, picnic areas and formal landscaped gardens.

10. SeaLife  

SeaLife at Loch Lomond is a 30 minute journey from Glasgow but will thrill all the family with 7 themed underwater worlds. 1500 creatures live here including a Giant Green Sea Turtle, sharks, otters and creatures you can touch like a starfish and crab. 

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Top 10 Things to do with Kids in Glasgow