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Loophead Lighthouse

A drive along the Loop Head Peninsula situated in County Clear will reveal one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Ireland. A drive along the Atlantic Coast will not only allow you to take some of the best vacation pictures, but it will also lead you to the Loop Head Lighthouse Station, which is a major landmark situated on the northern shore of the Shannon River. The drive down can even allow you to stop on the side of the road for a hike down the base of the cliffs that are located right along the edge of the water; from here, you will enjoy quite a unique perspective of the landscape and the surrounding scenery.

Try coasteering before the light house

Aside from the Loop head Lighthouse, which can only be experienced at the very end of the drive, the surrounding waters are ideal for every water activity imaginable including sea angling and kayaking to coasteering, which is a combination of climbing, jumping, swimming and scrambling along caves, cliffs, and rock pools. If you fancy a little scuba diving, Jacques Cousteau himself swears that Loop Head has the best diving spots in Europe. There are plenty of local companies such as the Kilkee Diving and Watersports Center that can facilitate such activities.

The Loop Head Lighthouse

The Loop Head Light House is one of the 12 Great Lighthouses of Ireland. It is operated by the Commissioner of Irish Light and has been categorized as one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Ireland. The tradition of the lighthouse dates back to 1670.  A tour of the lighthouse will allow you to learn about the interesting and long history of the lighthouse through the different interactive displays that are available in the Lightkeeper’s cottage.

Visitors can also take a guided tour up the lighthouse where they can experience the remarkable scenery from the balcony. If you are lucky, you might be able to enjoy a rare sighting of whales or dolphins from the crystal waters. A lot of visitors in Loop Head get the chance to tour the lighthouse because it is included as part of the Loop Head Heritage Trail.

If you are taking part of the Loop Head Cliff walk, the walk will take you about 1 or two hours depending on your speed from the lighthouse car park to the surrounding headland. This area is steeped in rich history, mythology and folklore as tales have been told over centuries of mythical creatures inhabiting the region.

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Loophead Lighthouse