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El Catrin Toronto

El catrin restaurant: The tasty Mexican cuisine delivered the Mexican way

El Catrin is one of the newest restaurants that run at the Toronto’s Distillery District where the Boiler House stood. The restaurant is impressively Mexican from the Mexican inspired folk art in chandeliers, to murals and the seating style in the main dining room. You will find several glowing sugar skulls at nooks around the restaurant, akin to a Mexican funhouse. Other spectacular sights include lantern-like lighting, papel picado-inspired screens, and a central fire pit.

El catrin is the place to have you lunch, brunch, and dinner when you would like to have a taste of the Mexican finest dishes and authentic traditional Mexican recipes. Led by the chief chef Olivier LeCalvez, the restaurant offers some Mexican delicacies that your young taste buds will fall in love in. The ridiculously oversized menus offer a world delicious Mexican food experiences.

The extensive Mexican menu include sweet biting such as baja tacos, flaky crab cakes and the mouthwatering fried haddock that is then cooled chipotle coleslaw that is superbly creamy. The smell of the flour tortillas will get your tummy feeling empty the moment you enter the restaurant.  

One the best dishes for the night includes the spicy rib eye that is carefully grilled and served with some sizzling tomatillos, corn, and jalapeno. Revelers at the restaurant also love tacos al pastor and the richly prepared Mexican fudge that comes with walnuts and bacon toppings. There are also Canadian items in the menu if you opt for some-grown foodstuffs. 

Do not leave without sampling one of the 85 different tequilas and one of the many ceviches on offer. Ceviches are tasty seafood bitings that include chopped octopus shrimps, scallops, and octopus served with cocktail source, jicama, and cucumber.

You can choose to have your meal in the inside or at the outside patio to enjoy the lunch in the warm Toronto sun and light breeze. It is a perfect location to fight those hunger pangs or for some quick snack in the middle of your tour of the city.  No wonder there are very long lines to the restaurant every single day.

The restaurant is open daily from noon up to 5pm for lunch after which the dinner is served until 11pm. If you would like to have a family party, birthday party with your friends or any other celebration, you can have some semi-private spaces reserved for you. 

Are you looking for a place where you can have some tasty Mexican food, served by smiling and friendly staff along with jaw dropping Mexican ambience? Look no further than El Catrin. 

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