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Distributor Tips


How can I best promote the packs on my site?

  • Publish sample pages of the packs on your site. Buyers are 20 times more likely to purchase a pack from you if they can see the sample pages first.
  • Customize the pack descriptions and advertising to match your website and clients. Feel free to use our descriptions or create your own.
  • Make a feature of the packs on your website. Distributors who advertise the travel packs with bold banners throughout their site always achieve the higher sales. Banners tend to be more profitable than adwords and other paid advertising.
  • Remember, the main advantage of being a distributor are that your clients can buy directly from your site and that you will keep the majority of any sales you make.
  • Use social media and your newsletters to promote the packs.
  • Like any other product a great sales page leads to more sales! If you need help setting up your sales page contact

How can I let my current clients know about this product

  • Email your website subscribers to let them know about the travel packs
  • Offer the packs for sale in your newsletters.
  • Offering a short term discount (20% appears to be the most effective) is a great way to boost sales.
  • Create a great sales page and send it through your social media channels.

Is there anything I should make my customers aware of?

  • Make it clear to your customers that you are selling downloads, and they will need to print out the pack themselves.
  • These packs are for personal use only
  • If you have more questions please contact Alison at

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