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DisneySea Park with Kids!

Disneysea is often cited as the best Disney park in the world-and we have to agree!  It is very different from the typical Disney Park as it has more thrilling rides and a water based theme, making it perfect for older kids and teenagers.   The great news too is the entry ticket pricing is about half of that of the US parks!


We spent the day at Disneysea and loved it!  We joined the crowds (get there early!) and entered the park.    The scenery is spectacular from the globe waterfountain at the entrance to the Disneysea volcano to the Mermaid Lagoon’s beautiful mosaic designs. 


Disneysea offers fast passes so make your first stop upon entering the park at one of the 8 rides that offer fast passes.  You scan your ticket and will be given a one hour window to return to that ride.  Do your best to return during that hour so you can happily stroll on by the lines and on to the ride.  On many days you will only have time to get one fast pass before they are all gone for the day.


One huge piece of advice we have is to avoid the crowds here.  We went on one of the busiest days of the year (School Break in March) and the line ups were no joke!  There were line ups of over 3 hours for some of the thrill rides.   Use this website ….it will tell you the predicted capacity rates for both Disneyland & Disneysea.   The site is in Japanese but easy to use.  Click the red bar for Disneyland and the blue for Disneysea. Next enter the number of the month that you will be going and then look for the lowest number on the dates that you are able to go.  Avoid weekends and Japanese school breaks if at all possible.    The long line ups are for the thrill rides but they were quite manageable for the steamboat, 20,000 leagues under the sea and the kiddie rides so if you are travelling with small children it is not so bad on the busy days!


 We grabbed our fast pass first for Journey to the Center of the Earth and then headed on over to 20,000 Leagues under the Sea where we only had a 5 minute wait which was fantastic.  Next up we headed to Raging Spirit Ride where the line up lasted for 2 hours.  Grab some of the signature Disney snacks for your wait such as popcorn with flavours like curry, strawberry and milk!  Or how about a smoked chicken leg or gyoza dog (yumm!). 


Next up it was time to use our fast pass and there is no better feeling then walking past the lonnnnnnnng line ups and strolling up to just a few minutes wait to one of the best rides out there!  We all loved this ride the most at Disney!  


Next we headed for lunch-there is not your typical US amusement park food, though you can find pizza and burgers.  Being the curry addicts that we are-we opted for chicken curry, rice and naan bread in the Arabian food court.  It was delicious and very reasonably priced (around 1000 yen for a meal and drink)


The rest of the day we spent taking a leisurely steamboat ride, watching the shows (fantastic!) and spend time in the long line up for the Tower of Terror which we all agreed was worth the wait!  We watched the parade at night and did some souvenir shopping.  Disney Japan has its  own character not available anywhere else, a teddy bear called Chanda, so we couldn’t resist picking up a little stuffed one!


We had a great day out!

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Disney Sea Park