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Bat out of Hell show London

If you are ever in London, you should seriously look into attending the Bat Out of Hell Show. Largely touted as one of the biggest and best rock musicals in London, the show is based on Bat Out of Hell, an album that managed to sell over 43 million copies worldwide. Perfect for teens and adults! The music, actor and ambiance is amazing!

This epic rock and roll inspired theatrical fantasy features hit songs recorded by legend and icon Meat Loaf. Some of the singles included in the show include the title track β€œBat Out of Hell”, I’d Do Anything for Love, "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)", "Dead Ringer For Love", "Paradise by the Dashboard Light", and "Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad".

Bat out of Hell - What To Expect

Bat Out of Hell the Musical is a high octane musical performance about rebellious and passionate young people in love. The musical is set against the backdrop of a modern city that is looking to free itself from the oppressive control of the mainland. The musical story is about forbidden love whereby Strat, the leader of The Lost has fallen in love with Raven the daughter of the tyrannical leader. The two must find a way to be together, which is what helps to make the show exciting.

Originally, the show was held at the London Coliseum but was moved to the Dominion Theatre in 2018. Anyone coming to the Bat out of Hell Show will enjoy the musical selection as well as the narrative that is characterized by bizarre twists and beautifully designed costumes. The cast is really amazing and those voices! Wow, very enjoyable!

The music and the performances aside, the Bat Out of Hell show also has a great cinematic set that is quite impressive. The show utilizes pyrotechnics and an assortment of other special effects like flame canons, glitter bombs and mechanical bats that significantly add to the drama of the event. Be prepared to be surprised!

Bringing to life the massive hits of Meat Loaf this show is so much fun and perfect for anyone that wants to take a walk down memory lane or for parents looking to take their teens to a more mature show than some of the kids shows playing at the West End. 

We really enjoyed it!

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Dominion Theatre,268-269 Tottenham Court Road London

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