Holidays in Malaysia

by Sarah
(Kingston, Ontario)

We had a family reunion of sorts on this trip in Kota Kinabalu. My sister was living overseas at this time so we decided to meet up with her family in Vietnam and Malaysia along with my Dad and my friend.

We stayed in 2 privately owned condos (Seamaiden Borneo) located in the Marina Court Complex. We took a day trip to Manukan islands. We walked to Jesselton point (its a long walk) and took a boat ride over. We rented snorkel equipment from the boat operator.

All the kids had fun snorkeling, feeding the fish, playing in the water and eating icecream. We also went for a walk through the forest along the path.

We did the Klias River tour to see the proboscis monkeys. This was a highlight of the trip for everyone. We took the tour bus to the river where we boarded a boat.

There was 10 of us so we had our own boat and we went on the hunt for the monkeys. We saw quite a few-the kids loved spotting them. The males have huge bulbous noses and are quite a sight to see. We also spotted a few crocodiles.

We headed back and had a delicious buffet meal. In the evening we headed out in the boats again to see the fireflies lighting up the trees on the river bank.

We headed to a night market to do some shopping and also visited the handicraft markets on the trip and got lots of cheap souvenirs.

The kids spent some time swimming with their cousins in the pool. We found an excellent Indian restaurant a couple blocks behind the condos that we all enjoyed. My sister's family and my Dad left and we spent a couple more days exploring the area.

We hired a driver and went to Poring Hot Springs for the day. We started with the butterfly gardens and then headed to the canopy walk. My legs still ache thinking about the hike up to that area! It was lots of fun crossing the canopies all though we didn't see much wildlife just lots of trees. After that we headed to the hot springs and decided to rent a private cabana. We soaked in the water and then went to the swimming pools.

The kids had fun splashing around. We had the buffet lunch at the restaurant and the kids like experimenting with the shaved ice and red bean dessert.

On the way back it started to rain but we stopped on the side of the road to see a rafflesia flower (the worlds biggest flower). We had to negotiate hard with the land owner as the initial asking price was quite high to view it.

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